Technical Training

Techs Trained.


Are you keeping up with the latest security and technology trends? How about your technicians? 


Industry reports show this as a top challenge for many dealers, let us help you overcome this challenge

Technician Training

More Sales, Less Call Backs

Ever had to send a technician back to a project for a non-billable service call? Ever had a project overrun the install time? 

We help companies overcome these, and other, challenges by making sure that their technical staff are equipped with the right knowledge upfront for a successful install. 

This means your company can spend more time working on new projects, and less time performing unnecessary calls to existing customers.

Retain and Gain Talent

Hiring trained personnel is a daunting task and one that many dealers struggle with. With our training program you can focus on hiring personnel that are a great fit for your culture and we can teach them the technical aspects. 

Modular System

We’ve built our program in a way that once we have an assessment of the current skills understanding, we can then put together a program that fits YOUR need specifically. We know it’s hard to take techs out of the field for training so let’s make sure that we give them exactly what they need to be even more successful.


Basic and advanced training

We have content aimed at someone new to the security industry all the way up to the more advanced concepts that are being used in our industry today. We have a program for everyone.

Increase revenue

Project installation overruns and return service calls are all taking away from your bottom line and they are preventable. Making sure that your technicians are trained on the various codes and industry best practices helps them to move on to new projects and saves wasted time and money.


Everyone has the age-old problem of sales versus operations when it comes to projects. Let us work with your sales team to provide them a base understanding of how to scope a project properly up front to setup the operations side of the business for success right from the handover.


Training Modules


General Electronics

This fundamentals course is key for anyone in the low voltage industry.  In this course we talk about the fundamentals of electricity and the fundamental components that installers will come across on a daily basis.  Having this understanding is key to any successful installation or service technician.


In this course we talk about the tools that a technician is likely to need routinely as well as the different types of typical construction found in the US market. This ensures technicians are prepared for anything they may come across in the field, and how to navigate around these scenarios.

Access Control

This access control course takes technicians through the overview and architecture of access control and then through the various types of hardware they will encounter.  An understanding of these concepts and devices ensures that technicians are prepared for anything they may encounter in the field.  Having this understanding will ensure they are able to liaise with other trades and the customer to make sure the system is installed right the first time, every time



This fundamental networking course will teach technicians the basics they need to know in order to be successful in a modern world.  Many systems are now on the network in facilities and knowing how they work, and what best practices are, will ensure a smooth installation and deployment.

Advanced Concepts

We offer various advanced concept courses for those technicians who are looking to further their development on the more advanced concepts and technologies that are used in the security industry.  This is great for those techs who have been in the field a few years and are looking to take that next step and set themselves apart.


This course is designed to provide your sales team with the knowledge they need to ask the right questions up front.  Customers appreciate the advanced understanding and it makes sure the operations side of the business get what they need to start the project on the right step.


Pricing Models For Every Need

Not every technician needs everything.  Each person is different in their understanding and experience.  With our modular approach to training, we can tailor the delivery to exactly what your team needs.  We want to optimize the time they are in training to make them even more successful every day.  Let us work with you to understand where you are today and we can develop a comprehensive plan to get you to the level you need.