Or do we?

Today, many of the devices we use regularly are becoming less and less dependent on a plug and outlet to work. You can even charge your cell phone without plugging it in these days!

But, is wireless the right approach for security?

There are a variety of ways that wireless solutions can add value and benefit to the end user, but there are also cons, especially when not installed correctly. From using a wireless lockset, reader to controller communication and communicating to the controllers; wireless is becoming more and more prevalent. It is crucial that installers understand how to implement a successful install effectively.

The Magic 5 P’S for Success

One of the biggest problems I see in the market is installers not properly considering all the variables of the installation when using wireless.

Most everyone these days recognizes that network devices all require a unique IP address so there isn’t a conflict. Unfortunately, installers far too often don’t take the same diligent approach when installing wireless solutions.

To be successful, you must know what wireless frequencies are already in use in the environment to ensure there won’t be a conflict.

As wireless can’t be seen, a conflict often presents itself with an unreliable or unexpected operation of the device. Far too often, this causes frustration for the end user and return service calls for the installer.

The Solution

A spectrum analysis will scan the area and present a graph of the frequencies which are in use. Couple this with an understanding of the frequency you intend to use for your installation, and happy days are ahead.

Failure to take this measure can mean that you get the install done (if you get that far) and then shortly after the customer calls to complain that it’s not working as expected.

Another option is to set up and configure the system in a controlled lab environment. This ensures everything is working. Then you know that any issues experienced on site are environmental on site. Once that is established, you can address those issues with the confidence that the solution works as designed when not interfered with by something else.

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