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Physical security systems are used in nearly every industry, keeping people and property safe by only letting security-verified, trusted parties enter the premises.

By design, these systems are configured to only let known parties enter the premises yet these trusted people need to allow others to temporarily access the secured area. Some of the visitors can include contractors working on the facility or guests coming for meetings.

Fortunately, software exists that allows registered users to easily pre-authorize guests with temporary-use PINs (Personal Identification Numbers). This provides an effective solution for solving such challenging security (and convenience) concerns. Solutions like these work by allowing the security-verified people on the inside to grant access to people they know and trust on the outside, reducing the possibility of people gaining access without proper authorization.

Here are the top 3 vertical markets that can especially benefit from having a temporary-use PIN software solution setup on their site.

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Multi-tenant properties and gated communities:

Residents need to allow their visitors access to their property; everyone wants to see their family and friends. There are also going to be cleaning staff, maintenance, and other contractors that will need access. Why give out a token that they could risk losing or a static PIN they could share? Just send them a fresh PIN whenever they need access.

There are also more rental and delivery needs than ever before, with services such as Rover, Uber, Lyft, Postmates, Amazon – even Whole Foods! Wouldn’t it be convenient to just copy and paste a PIN in the notes of your order, be notified when it’s used, and feel secure that it will be automatically be deleted after they’re done?

Vacation rentals:

Services such as AirBnB and VRBO allow you to easily rent out nearly any property. But with most ‘smart’ locks you’ll have to manually go in and change the code every time someone leaves or every month – or worse, it never gets changed! Why not provide each guest with their own unique PIN and have it automatically removed when their visit is complete?

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Commercial properties:

Today’s modern offices are secured to protect employees and assets, but what happens when those people have visitors or the assets need maintenance? Using temporary visitor PINs is a way of providing traceable access in and around the facility. Some platforms are also offering ID scanning technology which is used to quickly confirm the visitor and their information. Plus, if an employee forgets their badge one day? No hassle, no extra cards – just issue a quick PIN to let themselves in.


These are just a few use cases where temporary-use PINs give additional security to an existing access control setup while simultaneously enhancing the level of convenience and functionality provided to everyone involved – a rare feat in security-focused systems.

Get in touch today – email me or comment below and let’s discuss how temporary use PINs can help secure your facility and add to your business.