Solution Design

Problems Solved.


Whether you’re dealing with a complex security  issue, need a trusted advisor, or just trying to figure out options that will meet all your needs, we can help!


We Can Do it All

At MxV, we have years of real-world experience in the security industry covering many roles. Armed with in-depth knowledge, field proven technologies, a network of quality partnerships and relationships based on trust, honor and integrity, we are confident that we can help you solve complex or vexing security and communication challenges.


Try Our Proven Process


Project Scope

Defining the scope of the project is key to success. We work diligently to understand the challenge we need to overcome in order to provide the best possible fit. A scope for the project is provided and agreed before we move on to ensure we are working to solve the same challenge together.

Research and Analysis

We call on our vast experience, as well as detailed research, to ensure that we provide the solution that suits. An analysis of the outcome is understood and provided as part of this phase, making sure that we have met the challenge and proposed the best possible solution for deployment.

Total Solution

We remain partnered with our clients throughout the installation, ensuring that we are available as a trusted advisor for those unexpected questions that might arise and create a challenge. This ensures that not only have we developed the best possible solution, we have remained engaged to ensure that it is installed and configured exactly as the client’s needs dictate.


Pricing Models For Every Need

Often customers don’t truly know exactly what their needs are, they just know the challenge they are facing.

Let’s face it, no two challenges are ever identical – and the solution shouldn’t be either. We work to develop pricing that fits the unique instance of each customer, allowing us to provide exactly what’s needed. Some customers need just a couple of hours of consultation while others want a full design and deployment partnership.

We can tailor the pricing based on the needs of each customer.