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Momentum Security Training courses are hosted exclusively on the Udemy platform! 

Basic Electronics for Physical Security

In Momentum Security Training’s Basic Electronics course students will learn the fundamentals of electronics. The course will cover general electrical topics like Ohms Law, voltage, current, and resistance. The course will cover basic electrical components and how to calculate power supply needs. Students in this course will have a better understanding of electricity, safety, and tools.

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Basic Construction for Security Technicans

Basic Construction course is designed to teach students the fundamentals of construction as they relate to working in the security industry and on jobsites. This class is for anyone who will be working on customer sites, new construction or existing facilities. The course will cover basic tools and proper use, different types of construction environments, industry best practices, and overall safety while on a construction site.

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Introduction to the Security Industry

Introduction to the Security Industry is perfect for someone new to the physical security industry or looking for an update on the overall market. In this course, you’ll learn where the security industry started, where the market is today both globally and in the US, and where it’s going. We’ll also walk through who the players are, what are the different product categories, and how the sales channel works in the industry. Deep dives into Video Surveillance, Access Control, and Intrusion.

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Basic Construction for Security Technicians

Fundamentals of Access Control

Fundamentals of Access Control course is designed to teach students the basics of access control. This class is for anyone who works within the access control industry and wants a better technical knowledge of access control. The course will cover what access control is and how it works. Students will learn industry-standard topology configurations, how to handle different door situations, different locking types, and cabling types and practices. The course will cover standard industry credentials, components, equipment for access control systems. Safety and code regulations are briefly covered.

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